About Me

I am a passionate, qualified Yoga Teacher,Creative & Free-style Dancer of Body Energy Flow. I am a therapist in Reflexology, Facial Reflexology, Thai Yoga Massage, Thai/Oriental Head Massage,Sports Massage,Myofascial Release Techniques,Hot Stones Massage, Reiki Healer, Personal Adviser, & a Waxing Therapist with over 20 years teaching experience. I teach Yoga and provide Holistic Therapies (incl waxing) in Plymouth, Devon & Cornwall.

My love of dancing, moving energy and well being was inherited by my my mother, father, ballet & tap lessons, gymnastics, Margaret Morris movement and Contemporary Dance. 1983, I followed my innate and creative, love of movement and began teaching, Creative Dance, Exercise & Aerobics as a qualified Dance & Exercise teacher.

Since 1996, I gained a BA (Hons) History & Development Studies, PGCE Primary, Post Graduate Youth & Community Diploma, & Personal Adviser Diploma.

In 2001, as a Yoga Teacher (British Wheel of Yoga) & Personal Adviser in Plymouth, I have taught all many ages of children in movement, personal and careers guidance.

In 2004, I began teaching Yoga and Exercise classes in Plymouth & Saltash for Cornwall College Saltash, in secondary schools, preschools, private classes. Also Exercise/Dance/Yogalates and Hatha Yoga.

I constantly began to deepen my practise, knowledge and training in exploration of many styles of Hatha Yoga including; Iyengar, Ashtanga, Scaravelli & Sivananda. My interests in energy flow led me to the principle teachings of Scaravelli Yoga. This taught me how 'letting-go' to gravity invited the inner dance of wave, present in breath and movement. And how'letting-go, can give back realignment through the in breath, gently and without forced energy (causing further tension).

This love of movement analysis and strong beliefs of the healing powers of Energy Flow Yoga, took me into many realms of holistic therapies. It resulted in took a journey to Thailand. Here I experienced the home of Thai Massage, further study followed in Bristol.

I am currently a practitioner in Thai Yoga Massage, Remedial/Sports Massage, Myofascial Release Therapy, Hot Stones Massage,Yoga Therapy, Reflexology, Facial Reflexology, Energy Flow, Reiki and Chakra Balance, Mediatation and Waxing.

I can offer alongside these many therapies, my experience as a Personal Adviser towards a clients personal development.

I embrace change and knowledge and I am forever seeking new methods of exploring body work and ways to balance the mind, body and spirit..